Fast process optimization for productions

A joint solution by Arendar IT-Security Ltd. and nextLAP Inc.

Picture: BMW Group Werk Berlin Production BMW S 1000 RR

The best solution to a problem is to prevent it from arising in the first place. A joint solution implemented by nextLAP Inc. and ARENDAR IT-Security Ltd. for BMW Motorrad shows how this can be achieved at production level in an uncomplicated manner and in the shortest possible time.

The fact that not all motorcycles are the same can already be seen on the production line at the BMW Group. A high model variance on the  production lines with regard to possible errors is secured by intelligent assembly concepts. 

Intelligent sensor reduces risk of error

A contribution to a stable production process is offered by the IoT manufacturing product SmartShelf from nextLAP. „SmartShelf is an intelligent sensor with pick-by-light function that ensures a smoother and thus more efficient production process via data feed from the cloud,“ says CEO André Ziemke, summarizing the core function.

Within the relevant factors and functions that SmartShelf offers and takes into account for the optimization of picking processes, in the project with the BMW Group/ BMW Motorrad, for example the cycle run, the belt stop and the acknowledgement by employees were decisive. „SmartShelf recognizes which parts have already been installed on a motorcycle and which have not as soon as they enter via the conveyor system. It indicates from which compartment the parts are to be used in each case,“ Ziemke explains further. 

nextLAP Inc: Picture: SmartShelf „Screw accessories“

Highly secure data transmission via Cloud

SmartShelf obtains the necessary data from the cloud, which in turn had to be coupled with the conveyor control system (PLC). This is where the ARENDAR IT-Security Ltd.’s IoT gateway of the same name comes into play.

„The ARENDAR not only enables a highly secure data exchange between the conveyor technology and the cloud, it also translates this into a unified protocol that can be understood by both sides,“ says Managing Director Rudolf Preuß, describing the dual advantage the ARENDAR offers in terms of security and compatibility.

Picture: ARENDAR in the control cabinet

Implementation in 4 weeks instead of 6 months

Both managing directors also see a great added value in the fast and inexpensive implementation of their joint solution. „Everything could be implemented within four 4 weeks,“ says Preuß, explaining that it would have taken six months to implement the originally envisaged solution which consisted of an industrial PC and Docker containers. „With our solution, the department is also well prepared for the future,“ Ziemke is additionally certain, pointing out the possibility of being able to integrate additional SmartShelfs within 15 minutes.

Both ARENDAR and SmartShelf consist of a hardware and a software component and are available on a rental basis.

Scheme: Cloud-Connection ARENDAR + SmartShelf

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